Pin gear drive unit



Pin gear drive unit consists of a pin gear and engaging pin rack (or pin wheel).


Easy installation, rough mounting allowed

  • ・All pins used in the pin rack and pin wheel are hollow pins, allowing you to easily install the unit using the holes.

Segmented unit configuration accommodates large size machines

  • ・By jointing the racks, the pitch distance can be maintained and the unit can be connected, enabling long distance linear drives.
  • ・Pin wheels for large machines are assembled in segments, so large diameter pin wheels are available by combining the segments.

Downsizing is possible compared to chain systems


The pin gear has specially-shaped teeth to continuously and smoothly engage rollers.
The tooth portion is hardened for additional strength and wear strength.

Tooth profile exclusively for pin gear


Usage examples   Video content

Usage examples

Trolley linear drive

Model No. example :PDU035-SPA500P/PDU035-SGB024T

Applications: automotive parts transfer
driving traverse trolley

Rough mounting accuracy and easy installation compared with gear racks

Drum drive

Model No. example :PDU055-GPF090P/PDU055-GGC021T090P

Application: driving drum turning

Switching from gears.
Easier installation than cylindrical gears

Table drive

Model No. example :PDU040-NPF240P/PDU040-NGB020T240P

Application: driving tables for parts assembly

Significant cost reduction compared to cylindrical internal gears

Turning drive


Application: driving diverging devices of powder transfer conveyors

Easier installation than chain method


You can select the pin gear drive unit specifications from between the standard series (steel type) and S series (stainless steel type) according to your operating environments.

Standard specifications
Frame No. Pitch
Allowable tangential load   kN
スチールタイプ ステンレスタイプ
PDU020 20 4.7 0.8
PDU022 22 7.7 1.1
PDU030 30 12.8 1.9
PDU035 35 19.5 2.6
PDU040 40 27.3 4.1
PDU050 50 31.7 5.1
PDU055 55 52.9 7.0
PDU070 70 60.7 9.9
PDU080 80 71.5 12.0
PDU090 90 98.9 16.8
PDU120 120 122.5 ---
PDU150 150 240 ---
PDU180 180 347 ---
PDU240 240 525 ---
※ ピンホイールのピッチは円弧ピッチです。
※ 仕様・使用条件により許容接線荷重は低下します。
  スチールタイプ ステンレスタイプ
Max. operating speed Tangential velocity:50m/min
Operating environments Indoors (away from rain and water) Corrosive environments
Operating temperature ‐10℃~150℃ ‐20℃~400℃
Material Frame Rolled steel Austenitic stainless steel
bush Alloy steel 析出硬化系ステンレス鋼
Roller Alloy steel Austenitic stainless steel
Pin gear 炭素鋼(歯先硬化仕様) Austenitic stainless steel
Frame No. スチールタイプ ステンレスタイプ
PDU020 0.26~0.47 ±0.25 0.26~0.47 ±0.25
PDU022 0.32~0.57 ±0.3 0.32~0.57 ±0.3
PDU030 0.32~0.66 ±0.4 0.32~0.67 ±0.4
PDU035 0.33~0.88 ±0.5 0.33~0.88 ±0.5
PDU040 0.41~0.86 ±0.6 0.41~0.86 ±0.6
PDU050 0.53~0.98 ±0.7 0.53~1.08 ±0.7
PDU055 0.61~1.06 ±0.75 0.61~1.26 ±0.75
PDU070 0.86~1.24 ±0.9 0.86~1.61 ±0.9
PDU080 0.89~1.20 ±1 0.89~1.74 ±1
PDU090 0.97~1.42 ±1.2 0.97~1.92 ±1.2
PDU120 1.30~1.57 ±1.6 --- ---
PDU150 1.63~1.96 ±2 --- ---
PDU180 1.95~2.36 ±2.4 --- ---
PDU240 2.60~3.14 ±3.2 --- ---
* The above amount of backlash in mm is a calculated value and not a guaranteed value. Also note that the backlash amount varies due to wear of the pin gear drive unit and the pin gear.

特殊バックラッシ仕様 (標準の許容接線荷重とは異なります)



Small backlash package

 バックラッシを小さくすることが可能です。(標準バックラッシの2/3 対応枠番:PDU020~PDU120)


Before operation, apply extreme pressure grease to the outer peripheries of all rollers. Inner surfaces of the pin wheel/pin rack rollers are pre-lubricated. Please contact Tsubaki when lubricating grease cannot be used in applications such as under-wate

Mounting method

Pin wheel & pin rack flat type

Using hollow pins, the holes can be used to fix the side face to another device with bolts.
On installation, you can decide the position by setting up a stopper or guide on the convex face.

Pin rack angle type

The angle-style straight line rack can be fixed to another device by using the tightening bolt holes for fastening.

Detailed Information

Use the link buttons below for detail information regarding pin wheel, pin rack and pin gear.