Jaw-flex Couplings   LN Series 【 RoHS Compliant Product 】

  • Excellent for vibration resistance at servomotor drives and shock absorption during startup and stopping.
  • Capable of transmitting torque without backlash.
  • You can choose from between two types of spiders: 98A, superior for vibration damping, and 64D with high torsional stiffness and wear resistance.

Model No. Designation

LN 24 U 98A1 - A 15 C X A 20 C
Size Spider type Left hub Left hub Right hub Right hub
98A1:98A Shaft Bore Diameter Shaft clamping type Shaft Bore Diameter Shaft clamping type
Jaw-flex 64D1:64D C:Clamp C:Clamp
Coupling Material of left hub Material of right hub
LN Series Spider material A: Aluminum A: Aluminum
U: Polyurethane

List of Model Numbers