Shock Guard  TGF Series

Features superb recovery position precision. Perfect for attaching tables or indexers.

  • Type 2: Can be attached directly to timing pulleys. Shaft fastening screws can be tightened from the outside.
  • Type 3: Thinner than the type 2 version, perfect for attaching to power locks.
  • Type 5: Coupling type combined with an Echt-Flex to allow angular errors.
  • Type 7: Coupling type combined with an Echt-Flex to allow angular and parallelism errors.
  • Precise attachment face: A pre-load is applied to the support bearings to eliminate gaps, and along with the attachment faces being ground results in increased precision.
  • High precision: Features minimal backlash and high precision return positioning. Perfect for indexers.
  • Single position type: The ball and pocket arrangement, which are the torque transmission elements, can only be engaged in one place for a unique combination.
  • Simple torque adjustment: Features a torque scale -- just turn the adjustment nut (bolt) to freely adjust the trip torque.
  • It will automatically reengage after the cause of the overload has been removed by just turning the drive side.

Model No. Designation

※No-coupling type

TGF 20 - L 2 - TH20JD2 - N19



2: Type 2
3: Type 3

Shaft bore code

Set torque value
Spring strength
L: Weak spring
M: Medium spring
H: Strong spring

※ Coupling type

TGF 20 - L 5 - TH20PD2 X CH30PD2 - N18



5: Type 5
7: Type 7

Shock Guard side
Shaft bore code

Coupling side
Shaft bore code

Set torque value
Spring strength
Details regarding shaft bore codes
Shaft bore tolerance Shaft Bore Diameter Keyway tolerance Set screw positioning
T H 20 P D2
C H 30 P D2
T: Shock Guard side
C: Coupling side
Shaft bore diameters are in 1mm units. J:New JIS Js9( Standard )
P:New JIS P9
F:Old JIS F7

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Series Size Spring strength Type Shaft Bore Diameter Shaft bore
Set screw positioning Set torque

  No-coupling type


Shock guard side

Coupling side

List of Model Numbers

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Set torque range
No-coupling type Coupling type
Range of Shaft Bore Diameters
Model No. Bore Diameter Range
on Coupling Side mm
Model No.
Type 2 Type 3 Type 5 Type 7
6.0~20 10~20 TGF20-L2 TGF20-L3 17~42 TGF20-L5 TGF20-L7
12~40 TGF20-M2 TGF20-M3 TGF20-M5 TGF20-M7
24~80 TGF20-H2 TGF20-H3 TGF20-H5 TGF20-H7
10~74 12~30 TGF30-L2 TGF30-L3 17~60 TGF30-L5 TGF30-L7
20~147 TGF30-M2 TGF30-M3 TGF30-M5 TGF30-M7
40~294 TGF30-H2 TGF30-H3 TGF30-H5 TGF30-H7
30~156 22~45 TGF45-L2 TGF45-L3 27~74 TGF45-L5 TGF45-L7
60~313 TGF45-M2 TGF45-M3 TGF45-M5 TGF45-M7
120~568 TGF45-H2 TGF45-H3 TGF45-H5 TGF45-H7
50~269 32~65 TGF65-L2 TGF65-L3 47~95 TGF65-L5 TGF65-L7
100~539 TGF65-M2 TGF65-M3 TGF65-M5 TGF65-M7
200~1078 TGF65-H2 TGF65-H3 TGF65-H5 TGF65-H7
300~1225 47~90 TGF90-L2 TGF90-L3 52~118 TGF90-L5 TGF90-L7
600~2450 TGF90-M2 TGF90-M3 TGF90-M5 TGF90-M7
1200~4900 TGF90-H2 TGF90-H3 TGF90-H5 TGF90-H7


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