Hollow Pin RS Chains

  • RS Chain with holes in the pins, allowing attachments to be secured to the holes and enabling use as a conveyor chain.
  • When the chain is straight, the attachment center distance will not change even when engaging the sprocket.
  • Attachment replacement, care, and spacing changes are easy, even when the chain is still mounted to the equipment.
  • SS Series stainless steel and Lambda Series lube-free chain also available. (See the Lambda Chain section for more information.)

List of Model Numbers

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Standard SS Series Bush dia.
Inner width
of inner link
12.70 RS40-HP RS40-HP-SS 7.92 7.95
15.875 RS50-HP RS50-HP-SS 10.16 9.53
19.05 RS60-HP RS60-HP-SS 11.91 12.70
25.40 RS80-HP RS80-HP-SS 15.88 15.88