Long Life Lambda RS Attachment Chains (X-Lambda)

  • An RS Chain using oil-impregnated felt seals in addition to oil-impregnated bushes for even longer life with no additional lubrication.
  • Can further extend replacement times if currently using Lambda Chain.
  • Compatible with Lambda RS Chains, but due to the longer pins the equipment needs to be checked for interference.

List of Model Numbers

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Model No. Roller dia.
Inner width
of inner link
12.70 RS40-LMCX 7.92 7.95
15.875 RS50-LMCX 10.16 9.53
19.05 RS60-LMCX 11.91 12.70
25.40 RS80-LMCX 15.88 15.88
31.75 RS100-LMCX 19.05 19.05