Tsubaki Power Transmission Products Technical Information Website TT-net

TT-net provides technical information on Tsubaki Power Transmission Products such as roller chains, reducers and drives.
Use the contents including detailed product information, selection software and application examples,
and download 2D/3D CAD data and instruction manuals in order to support your engineers.

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Tsubaki Product Lineup

What's New
2021/07/08 お知らせ Sizing program for our Free flow chain is now available.
2021/04/01 お知らせ スプロケットフィットボアの表面処理対応品種を拡大しました。
2017/08/24 お知らせ Important Notice: Coupling PDF drawing errors - Click for more information
2017/06/01 お知らせ Notice regarding discontinuation of T Series Power Cylinders with more than 6 tons rated thrust-Click for more information