Power-Lock AS Series 【 RoHS Compliant Product 】

  • Multipurpose model, easy to attach and remove.
  • The use of heavy-duty locking bolts means fewer bolts are required, thereby reducing man-hours for assembly compared to other companies' products.
  • Available in stainless steel or electroless nickel plating. Also available in inch sizes.

Model No. Designation

PL 020 X 047 AS

Shaft diameter

Outer Diameter

AS: Standard package
AS-SS: Stainless Steel Package
AS-KP: Electroless nickel plated

List of Model Numbers

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Standard package Stainless Steel Package Electroless nickel plated
PL019X047AS PL019X047AS-SS PL019X047AS-KP
PL020X047AS PL020X047AS-SS PL020X047AS-KP
PL022X047AS PL022X047AS-SS PL022X047AS-KP
PL024X050AS PL024X050AS-SS PL024X050AS-KP
PL025X050AS PL025X050AS-SS PL025X050AS-KP
PL028X055AS PL028X055AS-SS PL028X055AS-KP
PL030X055AS PL030X055AS-SS PL030X055AS-KP
PL032X060AS PL032X060AS-SS PL032X060AS-KP
PL035X060AS PL035X060AS-SS PL035X060AS-KP
PL038X065AS PL038X065AS-SS PL038X065AS-KP
PL040X065AS PL040X065AS-SS PL040X065AS-KP
PL042X075AS PL042X075AS-SS PL042X075AS-KP
PL045X075AS PL045X075AS-SS PL045X075AS-KP
PL048X080AS PL048X080AS-SS PL048X080AS-KP
PL050X080AS PL050X080AS-SS PL050X080AS-KP
PL055X085AS PL055X085AS-SS PL055X085AS-KP
PL060X090AS PL060X090AS-SS PL060X090AS-KP
PL065X095AS PL065X095AS-SS PL065X095AS-KP
PL070X110AS PL070X110AS-SS PL070X110AS-KP
PL075X115AS PL075X115AS-SS PL075X115AS-KP
PL080X120AS PL080X120AS-SS PL080X120AS-KP
PL085X125AS PL085X125AS-SS PL085X125AS-KP
PL090X130AS PL090X130AS-SS PL090X130AS-KP
PL095X135AS PL095X135AS-SS PL095X135AS-KP
PL100X145AS PL100X145AS-SS PL100X145AS-KP
PL110X155AS PL110X155AS-SS PL110X155AS-KP
PL120X165AS PL120X165AS-SS PL120X165AS-KP
PL130X180AS PL130X180AS-SS PL130X180AS-KP
PL140X190AS PL140X190AS-SS PL140X190AS-KP
PL150X200AS PL150X200AS-SS PL150X200AS-KP
PL160X210AS PL160X210AS-KP
PL170X225AS PL170X225AS-KP
PL180X235AS PL180X235AS-KP
PL190X250AS PL190X250AS-KP
PL200X260AS PL200X260AS-KP
PL220X285AS PL220X285AS-KP
PL240X305AS PL240X305AS-KP
PL260X325AS PL260X325AS-KP
PL280X355AS PL280X355AS-KP
PL300X375AS PL300X375AS-KP
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Inch Size Model Numbers

Model No. Shaft diameter
Outer Diameter
PL-3/4AS 19.05 47
PL-7/8AS 22.225 47
PL1AS 25.4 50
PL1-1/8AS 28.575 55
PL1-3/16AS 30.163 54.837
PL1-1/4AS 31.75 60
PL1-3/8AS 34.925 60.075
PL1-7/16AS 36.513 65
PL1-1/2AS 38.1 65
PL1-5/8AS 41.275 75
PL1-3/4AS 44.45 75
PL1-7/8AS 47.625 80
PL2AS 50.8 85
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