Zip Chain Lifter


  • Table lifter with Zip Chain mechanism
  • High-speed operation
    High-speed, 11m/min. (2.5 times of other hydraulic lifters.)
  • High-frequency operation
    High-frequency, 13 seconds time cycle. (4.5 times of other hydraulic lifters.)
  • Stopping Precision
    ±1mm stop accuracy, easy multi-point stop and multi-stage positioning. (It's difficult for hydraulic lifters to stop in the middle of stroke.)
  • Longevity
    Over 1 million cycle possible. ( 10 times of other hydraulic lifters.)


  • Acceptable load mass:1,000kg/50kg
  • Stroke :1,000mm/1,600mm/300mm/500mm
  • Drive section: With a three-phase motor / With servo motor
  • No. of pantograph stages: 1-stage/ 2-stage

Model No. Designation

ZSL 1000 L 10 G 1

Acceptable load mass



Drive section

No. of pantograph stages
Zip Chain Lifter 1000:1,000kg
G: With a three-phase motor
K: With servo motor
1: 1-stage
2: 2-stage

List of Model Numbers 【 Standard package 】

※ Click the model No. for detailed information.

Acceptable load mass
Drive section Speed
1000 1000 G( With a three-phase motor ) --- ZSL1000L10G1 ZSL1000S10G1
1600 --- ZSL1000L16G2 ZSL1000S16G2
50 300 --- --- ZSL0050S03G1
500 --- --- ZSL0050S05G2
1000 1000 K( With servo motor ) ZSL1000M10K1 --- ---
1600 ZSL1000M16K2 --- ---
50 300 ZSL0050M03K1 --- ---
500 ZSL0050M05K2 --- ---


Full-faced bellows[ Option symbol :J]

・Full-laced bellows can prevent the pinching of Zip Chain lifter.

※Divided type is also available as MTO, please consult us.

Compatible size:ZSL1000
Stroke 1000mm  Estimated Mass :35kg Stroke 1600mm  Estimated Mass :40kg

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Tap seat[ Option symbol :T6, T8]

・Add top plate fixing tap seat and tapped hole.

Compatible size:ZSL1000
Tap 6 locations:T6 Tap 8 locations:T8 Detailed drawing of tap :T8

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With a rotary encoder[ Option symbol :E]

・Rotary encoder is mounted to the unload end of three-phase motor shaft to enable the output of motor rotary signal.

Compatible size:ZSL1000□□□G□


 Various operations are possible because the output signal of open collector can be extracted from speed reducer.

・ Compact
 No need to connect motor shaft and rotary encoder with coupling.

・Cost reduction
 Unlike the conventional separate type, there is no need for coupling, base plate, as well as the level matching work.

Rotary encoder specification

Supply voltage DC4.5~30V
Pulse number 100
Output mode Open collector output(NPN type) 6lines
AB90° Phase contrast signal +Z Origin signal
Output circuit

Power consumption Under 30mA
Output voltage Under 0.5V(At maximum sink current)
Maximum sink current 40mA MAX
Signal rise-time and fall-time Under 1μs
Max response pulse number 240kHz
Output circuit anti-voltage 50V MAX
Cable length 0.5m Connector attached (DF3-6S-2C Made by Hirose Electric Co. Ltd.)
Vibration Under 4.9m/s2{0.5G} (20~50Hz)

Configuration / Dimension

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Wiring table

Wiring number Color Connection
1 Red Power Supply
2 Black 0V Common
3 Blue Signal A
4 White Signal B
5 Yellow Signal Z
6 Black Shield

Motor voltage 400V class[ Option symbol :V]

・The voltage of driving motors is changed to 400V.

Compatible size:ZSL1000□□□G、ZSL1000M□□K、ZSL0050S□□G

Options sold separately

Maintenance bar

・If it's unavoidable to enter the space under the top plate when doing maintenance work, make sure to use the maintenance bar.

・Maintenance bar is attached to Series ZSL0050, but not to ZSL1000 Series.

When purchasing ZSL 1000 Series, please also purchase the option item of maintenance bar.

Model No. Applicable Models Standard Price Delivery
ZSL1000MB10 ZSL1000~ Contact us for details. Contact us for details.
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