Indexing Table Chain

  • A high precision indexing chain using a unique block construction for a chain pitch accuracy of ±0.05mm.
  • Comes with a center roller that prevents lateral vibrations and pins for attaching jigs.
  • We offer both single type (S) and double type (D) outboard rollers. Double type rollers enable smooth conveyance. You should normally select double type rollers.
  • Single type rollers are to be used as replacements for customers already using single type rollers.

List of Models

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Product name Inner width
of inner link
50 BC050S45 45
50 BC050D45 45
75 BC075S60 60
75 BC075D60 60
100 BC100S70 70
100 BC100D70 70
150 BC150S90 90
150 BC150D90 90