Jaw-flex Couplings   L Series 【 RoHS Compliant Product 】

  • Hubs with machined bores are in standard stock.
  • You can select the material of the insert according to your application.
  • This flexible coupling is for light loads. It is ideal for directly connections to general-purpose motors.

Model No. Designation

L 070 A - S - 15 J X 20 J N


A: Aluminum
F: Plated

Insert fittings
S: Nitrile
M: Urethane
H: Hytrel

Left Hub Shaft Bore Diameter

Left hub keyway
J: New JIS standard key
E: Old JIS key

Right Hub Shaft Bore Diameter

Right hub keyway
J: New JIS standard key
E: Old JIS key

Shaft bore tolerance
No symbol: H7
N: Tolerance for motor shafts

List of Model Numbers

※ Click the model No. for detailed information.

Insert material Sintered hub type
Standard package
Sintered hub type
Aluminum hub type
Nitrile L035-S L035F-S ---
Nitrile L050-S L050F-S L050A-S
Hytrel L050-H L050F-H ---
Nitrile L070-S L070F-S L070A-S
Urethane L070-M L070F-M ---
Hytrel L070-H L070F-H ---
Nitrile L075-S L075F-S L075A-S
Urethane L075-M L075F-M ---
Hytrel L075-H L075F-H ---
Nitrile L090-S L090F-S L090A-S
Urethane L090-M L090F-M ---
Hytrel L090-H L090F-H ---
Nitrile L095-S L095F-S L095A-S
Urethane L095-M L095F-M ---
Hytrel L095-H L095F-H ---
Nitrile L099-S L099F-S ---
Urethane L099-M L099F-M ---
Hytrel L099-H L099F-H ---
Nitrile L100-S L100F-S L100A-S
Urethane L100-M L100F-M ---
Hytrel L100-H L100F-H ---
Nitrile L110-S L110F-S L110A-S
Urethane L110-M L110F-M ---
Hytrel L110-H L110F-H ---
Nitrile L150-S L150F-S ---
Urethane L150-M L150F-M ---
Hytrel L150-H L150F-H ---
Nitrile L190-S L190F-S ---
Urethane L190-M L190F-M ---
Hytrel L190-H L190F-H ---
Nitrile L225-S L225F-S ---
Urethane L225-M L225F-M ---
Hytrel L225-H L225F-H ---
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