Maintenance Info
  • 2021/08/10 8:00
    2021/08/12 18:00

Cam Clutch  BB Series


  • This is a 6200 series bearing with a built-in cam clutch.
  • Available in two types, press fit or keyed installation to the shaft or housing.
  • Models with oil seals are also available.

Suitable Applications

  • 低速から高速まで、幅広く使用でき、小形、軽負荷の用途に適しています。
  • The models with oil seals are suitable for use in dusty environments, or in applications where grease leaks must be avoided.
  • Torque :29~260N・m{3.0~26.5kgf・m}

List of Model Numbers

  • 1K-K Type : Inner race with keyway
  • 2K-K Type : Inner and outer race with keyway
  • 2GD Type : With rubber contact seal on both sides
  • 2GD1K-K Type : With rubber contact seal on both sides 、 Inner race with keyway