Power-Lock KE Series 【 RoHS Compliant Product 】

  • This series is suitable for a wide range of shaft tolerances (excludes electroless nickel-plated (KP) models). Suitable for over tolerance shafts, such as servomotors.
  • Available from small shaft diameters. Ideal for connecting the output shafts of small stepping motors or servomotors.
  • Available in stainless steel (SS) or electroless nickel plating (KP) so that no additional oil or grease is necessary during assembly.
  • Small inner to outer diameter ratio compared to the AE Series allows for compact designs.

Model No. Designation

PL 005 X 016 KE - SS

Shaft diameter

Outer Diameter


NO : Standard package
SS: Stainless Steel Package
KP: Electroless nickel plated
LP: Low Contact Pressure Type

List of Model Numbers

※ Click the model No. for detailed information.

Standard package Stainless Steel Package Electroless nickel plated Low Contact Pressure Type
PL005X016KE PL005X016KE-SS PL005X016KE-KP PL005X016KE-LP
PL006X017KE PL006X017KE-SS PL006X017KE-KP PL006X017KE-LP
PL008X021KE PL008X021KE-SS PL008X021KE-KP PL008X021KE-LP
PL010X023KE PL010X023KE-SS PL010X023KE-KP PL010X023KE-LP
PL011X024KE PL011X024KE-SS PL011X024KE-KP PL011X024KE-LP
PL012X026KE PL012X026KE-SS PL012X026KE-KP PL012X026KE-LP
PL014X028KE PL014X028KE-SS PL014X028KE-KP PL014X028KE-LP
PL015X029KE PL015X029KE-SS PL015X029KE-KP PL015X029KE-LP
PL016X030KE PL016X030KE-SS PL016X030KE-KP PL016X030KE-LP
PL017X031KE PL017X031KE-SS PL017X031KE-KP PL017X031KE-LP
PL018X032KE PL018X032KE-SS PL018X032KE-KP PL018X032KE-LP
PL019X033KE PL019X033KE-SS PL019X033KE-KP PL019X033KE-LP
PL020X038KE PL020X038KE-SS PL020X038KE-KP PL020X038KE-LP
PL022X040KE PL022X040KE-SS PL022X040KE-KP PL022X040KE-LP
PL024X042KE PL024X042KE-SS PL024X042KE-KP PL024X042KE-LP
PL025X043KE PL025X043KE-SS PL025X043KE-KP PL025X043KE-LP
PL028X046KE PL028X046KE-SS PL028X046KE-KP PL028X046KE-LP
PL030X048KE PL030X048KE-SS PL030X048KE-KP PL030X048KE-LP
PL032X050KE PL032X050KE-SS PL032X050KE-KP PL032X050KE-LP
PL035X057KE PL035X057KE-SS PL035X057KE-KP PL035X057KE-LP
PL038X060KE PL038X060KE-SS PL038X060KE-KP PL038X060KE-LP
PL040X062KE PL040X062KE-SS PL040X062KE-KP PL040X062KE-LP
PL042X064KE PL042X064KE-SS PL042X064KE-KP PL042X064KE-LP
PL045X067KE PL045X067KE-SS PL045X067KE-KP PL045X067KE-LP
PL048X070KE PL048X070KE-SS PL048X070KE-KP PL048X070KE-LP
PL050X072KE PL050X072KE-SS PL050X072KE-KP PL050X072KE-LP
PL055X077KE PL055X077KE-KP PL055X077KE-LP
PL060X082KE PL060X082KE-KP PL060X082KE-LP
PL065X087KE PL065X087KE-KP PL065X087KE-LP
PL070X097KE PL070X097KE-KP PL070X097KE-LP
PL075X102KE PL075X102KE-KP PL075X102KE-LP
PL080X107KE PL080X107KE-KP PL080X107KE-LP
PL085X112KE PL085X112KE-KP PL085X112KE-LP
PL090X123KE PL090X123KE-KP PL090X123KE-LP
PL095X128KE PL095X128KE-KP PL095X128KE-LP
PL100X133KE PL100X133KE-KP PL100X133KE-LP
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