Power-Lock ML Series 【 RoHS Compliant Product 】

  • These units are quick to connect with a single nut.
  • Suitable for hubs with widths narrower than the total length of the Power-Lock.
  • Lubricated so that no additional oil or grease is necessary during assembly.
  • The self-centering eliminates need to machine a centering guide in the hub.

The conventional colored chromate surface treatment was changed for the ML Series to electroless nickel plating, and then the MG Series was changed to trivalent chromate. The changeover in our stock was completed at the end of September, 2008.
This treatment provides a simple form of rust-proofing, making the unit suitable for clean room applications.

Model No. Designation

PL 040 X 067 MG

Shaft diameter

Outer Diameter


List of Model Numbers


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