Zip Chain Actuator ®

Zip Chain is a unique chain developed by Tsubaki where two strands of chains come together like a zipper to form a single, strong column for pushing and pulling applications.

  • Compact
  • High-speed performance
  • Ecological
  • Multi-point stopping
  • Mounts in any direction ※Be sure to always attach a linear guide in the direction of travel. For hanging installations, you will need to check the safety.

Model No. Designation

ZCA 1 35 M 050 - 2G * *
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)   (6) (7) (8)

(1) ZCA = Zip Chain Actuator

(2) Model No.: 1 = Frame No. 25, Frame No. 35, Frame No. 45

(3) Frame No. : 25, 35, 45

(4) Motor: M = With motor (200V class), N = Without motor (Only N: No motor is available for ZCA145)
     *400V class motors are made-to-order

(5) Stroke :
     [ Frame No. 25] 030 = 300mm, 050 = 500mm
     [ Frame No. 35] 050 = 500mm, 075 = 750mm, 100 = 1000mm
     [ Frame No. 45] 100 = 1000mm, 150 = 1500mm, 200 = 2000mm

(6) Motor capacity and reduction ratio *Frame nos. 25 and 35 only.

(7) Mounting direction

U: Lifting installation YS: Horizontal installation YB: Horizontal installation D: Hanging installation
  YS: Maximum load operates
when ZCA is extended.
YB: Maximum load
operates when ZCA is retracted.
Be sure to always attach a linear guide in the direction of travel.

(8) Option symbol

Fig.: ZCA135
   When choosing the combination with motor and dual shafts or input shafts on the opposite side, refer to the examples of optional combinations in the catalog for motor mounting direction.
   Y: Horizontal installation, B: Attachment base, and S: Underside attachment base combinations are standard.

J: Bellows (for lifting or hanging installations) R: Input shaft on opposite side B: Mounting base (for hanging installations)
F: Lubrication plate T: Dual Shafts S: Underside attachment base

Only affects ZCA135 and ZCA145
C: Cap

List of Model Numbers

※ Click the model No. for detailed information.

Without motor

Frame No. Basic Capacity
Model No.
25400{40.8}300 ZCA125N030
330{33.6}500 ZCA125N050
351000{102.0}500 ZCA135N050
1000{102.0}750 ZCA135N075
452000{204.0}1000 ZCA145N100
2000{204.0}1500 ZCA145N150

With motor

Frame No. Stroke
Motor Capacity Model No.
25300 60W ZCA125M030-6□
90W ZCA125M030-9□
500 60W ZCA125M050-6□
90W ZCA125M050-9□
35500 0.1kWZCA135M050-1□
750 0.1kWZCA135M075-1□

     ※ZCA145: Not available with motors. Consider separately installing a motor.

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