Drawing Library   Troi Drive

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Series Size Output Shaft Style Reduction ratio Mounting Position Shaft Arrangement Option symbol

Reduction ratio 1/60 or less

Solid shaft

Hollow shaft

Reduction ratio 1/100 or more

Solid shaft

Hollow shaft


This indicates the size of the gear reducer.

Output Shaft Style

S: Solid shaft

H: Hollow shaft

Mounting Position

B: On this type, the input shaft is located below the output shaft.

T: On this type, the input shaft is located above the output shaft.

V: On this type, the output shaft is vertical.

Refer to the catalog for details.

Reduction ratio

This indicates the reduction ratio.

This specifies single stage reduction for reduction ratios of 1/60 or less, two stage reduction for 1/100 or more.

Shaft Arrangement

This shows the relation of the input and output shafts to the mounting surface.

Refer to the catalog for details.

Option symbol

-K: This output shaft is equipped with a Power-Lock mounted.