Selection Guide  Reducers

Small-Size Gear Motor

① These reducers are available in three types, depending on the application: helical gear, hypoid gear, and worm gear.

② Motors are available in capacities from 40 W to 5.5 kW, and with a wide variation of reduction ratios from 1/5 to 1/1200.

③ Various optional support is available for voltages, international standards, outdoor use, protective devices, etc.

④ Tsubaki also provides a variety of services, including quick delivery and our Friendly Service.

Classification Category
Geared Motors
Gear Box
Gear Reducer for Servo Motors

Type Series
Gear Motor
Hypoid Motor
Croise Motor
Type Series
Worm Power Drives
Troi Drive
Type Series
Helical Power Drive
Helical gear shaft drive
Type Series
Miter and Bevel Gear Boxes
Type Series
TERUS( Integrated Gear Reducers )
Type Series
TERVO gear reducers for servo motors