Drawing Library   Worm Power Drives TM Series (Sales discontinued in June 2016)

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Series Size With or without motor Reduction ratio Input shaft Shaft Arrangement Motor Capacity Motor Specifications



This indicates the size of the gear reducer.

With or without motor

E: This is a stand-alone gear reducer without a motor.

GCE: This specifies a gear reducer with a motor.

Reduction ratio

This indicates the reduction ratio.

Input shaft

No symbol: The input shaft is a single shaft.

-1-1-: This specifies a double input shaft.

Shaft Arrangement

This shows the relation of the input shaft and output shaft.

Refer to the catalog for details.

Motor Capacity

This indicates the motor capacity if the unit comes with a motor.

Motor Specifications

S: Tsubaki will mount the standard motor prior to shipment.

SB: Tsubaki will mount the standard motor with brake prior to shipment.