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Drawing Library  Linispeed Jack

Selected model No.:

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Allowable Thrust Speed Mounting type Shaft Arrangement Stroke Options




Allowable Thrust

Allowable thrust of the jack

Mounting type

Indicates screw shaft direction, and the position of the flange (if present).

Shaft Arrangement

T:Input shaft on both sides

R:Input shaft on the right side only

L:Input shaft on the left side only


Screw shaft travel distance

Option symbol

J: This comes with bellows.

I: This comes with an I-shaped end fitting.

M: This comes with a table type end fitting.

Y: This is a limit switch with a mechanical counter.

K2: This unit has two built-in micro switches for detecting the stroke position.

K4: This unit has four built-in micro switches for detecting the stroke position.

P: This unit has a built-in potentiometer for detecting the stroke position.

R: This unit comes with a rotary encoder that outputs the stroke motion signals.