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Compatible Motors

Allowable Thrust

This is the maximum allowable thrust.

Motor Mounting Method

F: This is directly connected to the motor.


Reduction ratio

This is the reduction ratio of the precision planetary reducer.

Main Body Code

T: The motor and actuator are arranged in a straight line.

  This series is only available in the straight type.


This is the stroke distance of the actuator.

The manufacturing scope depends on the thrust.

Mount code

Specify the mount code that corresponds to the motor to be mounted.

Motor Specifications

A: The unit is shipped without a motor so that the customer can mount their own.

B: Tsubaki will mount the customer-supplied motor.

Option symbol

W: This specifies a motor suitable for installation in areas subject to water.

M: This package has a feature to keep the rod from rotating.

S: This unit comes with three magnetic sensors for detecting stroke.

U:This comes with a U-shaped end fitting.

N: This comes with an N-shaped end fitting.

J: This comes with bellows.