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  • 2021/08/10 8:00
    2021/08/12 18:00

Top chain   Products

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  • ・Sprockets for top chain
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  • ・Idler wheels for top chain
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  • ・ Set Collars are components designed for idlers and sprockets for Top Chains.
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  • ・Plastic rail to support top chain running
  • ・A complete line-up of various types available, including ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene chains for general use, plastic chains for superior wear resistance, low friction chains, chains for dry conditions, and others.
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  • ・Accessories for top chain
  • ・Nose bars for minimizing dead spaces at transfer points, corner discs used in curved sections, transfer plates for plastic modular chain, and other accessories are available.
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  • ・Standard parts that can be used for conveyors and other equipment.
  • ・Our diverse line-up that can handle various needs can help reduce delivery times when manufacturing conveyors and other equipment, as well as costs.
  • ・Much lower part unit prices than when designing and manufacturing stainless steel parts.