Plastic top chain Accumulation Chain TP-36UTW-LAP  Major Specifications



  • Roller rotation reduces line pressure.
  • Coeffi cient of friction of rollers with conveyed objects is 0.07.
  • Suitable for conveyor lines on which conveyed objects will accumulate.

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PDF Outline Drawing

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CAD data in DXF format

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Major Specifications/Price/Delivery time

Chain pitch mm
Accumulation Chain Symbol
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Material Color Max. allowable tension
Allowable speed
Operating Temperature Range
Pin material Allowable load graphs
Links Roller With lube No lube
LAP  Low Friction/Anti-Wear
White 1.1 100 50 -20~(65)80 Stainless steel Show allowable load graphs
Model No. Top plate width
Number of links
per one unit of chain
Estimated Mass
DXF data Standard Price / link Delivery
TP-36UTW-LAP 120 85 2.90 DXF

 1.Plastic pin type is not available.
 2.Operating temperature of ( ) is for wet conditions.
 3.Available only in LFW (Low Friction/Anti-Wear) material.
 4.Contact a Tsubaki representative regarding special sprockets and idler wheels.

Applicable plastic rail

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Rail material symbol Model No. Thickness
Main unit End Plate
PR type PMW PR520-PMW PRE520-PMW 5 20
M PR520-M PRE520-M 5 20
PR-PH type PLF PR-PH□□□-PLF PR-PH□□□E-PLF 3~5 20~40

The plastic rail has no heat resistance or chemical resistance.
Contact a Tsubaki representative when using in special environments or usage conditions.