Snap top chain

  • Block shaped conveyor chain combining a steel base chain and plastic covers. Offers the same allowable load as Tsubaki standard steel chain while preventing scratching of conveyed goods.
  • Conveyed items are protected by the plastic covers, even when conveyed directly on the chain itself. Can be used in layouts where plastic block chain allowable load is not enough.

List of Models

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Application Model Package Pitch
Top plate width
Straight running TN Standard Series 19.05 82.6, 101.6, 114.3, 127.0, 190.5
TN-NP NP Series
TN-SS SS Series
TN-PC PC series
Sideflexing TNU Standard Series 19.05 82.6, 114.3, 127.0
TNU-NP NP Series
TNU-AS AS Series
Model Base chain material Pitch
Top plate width
TP-PT steel 19.05 82.6, 114.3
TP-PT-SS Stainless steel
TP-PTS steel 19.05 254
TP-PTS-SS Stainless steel
TP-1873-T steel 19.05 82.6
TP-1873-SS-T Stainless steel