Find Former Model No. service   ECHT-FLEX Coupling

Notes for use

  • This Find Former Model No. service is intended only to show the model No. of the currently available product equivalent to an obsolete product.
    Since the appearance, dimensions and other specifications may be different, be sure to confirm the details in the product catalog.
  • Note that Tsubaki E&M shall not compensate for any damage or loss resulting from the use of this service.
  • The model numbers of the ECHT-FLEX Couplings have been changed from August 2006. You can find the new model No. using the old model No..

ECHT-FLEX Coupling   New Model No. Search

Former model No. :        

Notes :
 1. The applicable models are standard stock models and quick delivery models with pre-machined shaft bores.
 2. Models with special specifications are not supported.
 3. To specify a long spacer type, enter the green sections of the model No. except for the J dimension to obtain the new model No., and then add the J dimension at the end.

    Former model No. :NEF□□□-J□□□-□□□X□□□


                → → → → → →


    New model No. :NEF□□□-□□□X□□□-J□□□

Points on the model No. change

Changes Former model No. New model No.
The single type and spacer type can now be identified clearly. The single type has no symbol.
  ex. :NEF02-□□□X□□□
The spacer type is shown with W.
  ex. :NEF02W-□□□X□□□
The single type is shown with S.
  ex. :NEF02S-□□□X□□□
The spacer type is shown with W.
  ex. :NEF02W-□□□X□□□
The position of the symbol showing the hub type was changed so that the hub specifications ([Hub type] + [Shaft bore diameter] + [Clamp type]) were shown as a group. Hub types are indicated as a set
  ex. :NEF10KN-35JX20J
The hub type is shown before each shaft bore diameter.
  ex. :NEF10S-N20JXK35J
In order to eliminate the confusion of symbol P showing a square hub and showing the Power-Lock specification, the symbol showing a square hub is changed to B (box).   ex. :NEF10PN-25CX20C   ex. :NEF10S-N20CXB25C
The shaft diameter and number of the Power-Lock specification are distinguished clearly. The shaft diameter and number are shown in succession.
  ex. :NEF18PN-202X20J
Shaft diameter +P( Power-Lock )+ Quantity
  ex. :NEF18S-B20P2XN20J

In this case, the hub type symbol is B because square hubs are used.

The symbol for a plain bore is changed from RB to R.   ex. :NEF45KL-RBXRB   ex. :NEF45S-KRXLR
The position of the J dimension for the long spacer type is changed to the end.   ex. :NEF04W-J500-10JX10J   ex. :NEF04W-N10JXN10J-J500
The hub with the smaller shaft diameter is indicated first.
If the shaft diameter is the same, the one with a hub symbol earlier in alphabetical order comes first.
Although the product can be ordered using the reverse order, the description in the delivery drawing or other documents is in the formal order.
When N is included, N is indicated after the other letter such as KN or LN.
  ex. :NEF45KN-40JX25J
  Only for the case of NN, NN is omitted.
  ex. :NEF18S-N20JXN25J
  ex. :NEF18S-L20JXN20J
The HEF series is renamed to the NEH series. HEF09W-80JX90J   ex. :NEH09W-N80JXN90J
The shaft bore diameters of 6.35 and 9.525 of the NES series are rounded off and shown as 6.3 and 9.5 respectively. NES20S-6.35CX9.525C   ex. :NES20S-N6.3CXN9.5C