Gear Motor Mini Series

  • High torque: No torque limit at low-speed operation with high reduction ratios.
  • Longevity: Achieves an average lifetime of 10,000 hours, the highest in its class.
  • Compatibility: The flange mounting dimensions are compatible with other domestic models.

※Notice regarding product discontinuation in June 2019

Model No. Designation

GMM T 60 F 50 B


Motor Specifications

Motor Capacity

Mounting type

Reduction ratio

T: 3 Phase
S: Single Phase
F: Flange mounting 50:1/50 No symbol : No brake
B: With a brake

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Series Motor Specifications Motor Capacity Mounting type Reduction ratio Brake
GMM F: Flange type

Motor Specifications

T: 3-phase power supply.

S: Single-phase power supply.

Motor Capacity

This indicates the motor capacity.

Mounting type

F: This specifies the flange type.

Reduction ratio

This indicates the reduction ratio.


No symbol: the motor will not have a brake.

B: This specifies a motor with a brake.

Package symbol

W: This specifies a motor suitable for outdoor installation.

J: This specifies a motor suitable for installation in areas subject to water.

V: This specifies the power supply voltage will be doubled.

   For 3-phase power: 400/400/440 VAC at 50/60/60 Hz.

   This specifies 200 VAC at 50/60 Hz for single-phase power.

WV: This specifies the outdoor package and double voltage.

P: This specifies a plastic terminal box.

PV: This specifies a plastic terminal box and double voltage.

N2: This specifies compliance with UL standards.

N3: This specifies CCC compliance.

List of Model Numbers

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40W ( Model No. GMMT40~・GMMS40~)

60W ( Model No. GMMT60~・GMMS60~)

90W ( Model No. GMMT90~・GMMS90~)

Reduction ratio 3 Phase 90W  Flange mounting Single Phase 90W  Flange mounting
No brake With a brake No brake With a brake
1/5 GMMT90F5 GMMT90F5B GMMS90F5 ---
1/8 GMMT90F8 GMMT90F8B GMMS90F8 ---
1/10 GMMT90F10 GMMT90F10B GMMS90F10 ---
1/15 GMMT90F15 GMMT90F15B GMMS90F15 ---
1/20 GMMT90F20 GMMT90F20B GMMS90F20 ---
1/25 GMMT90F25 GMMT90F25B GMMS90F25 ---
1/30 GMMT90F30 GMMT90F30B GMMS90F30 ---
1/40 GMMT90F40 GMMT90F40B GMMS90F40 ---
1/50 GMMT90F50 GMMT90F50B GMMS90F50 ---
1/60 GMMT90F60 GMMT90F60B GMMS90F60 ---
1/80 GMMT90F80 GMMT90F80B GMMS90F80 ---
1/100 GMMT90F100 GMMT90F100B GMMS90F100 ---
1/120 GMMT90F120 GMMT90F120B GMMS90F120 ---
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